QS & 3D

How much will our complete House Project cost? What will it look like when we finish it? Will we be able to finish it? We have answers to these very important questions!

We want every Self Builder to spend the time with our Quantity Surveyor pricing their entire project....before the build starts!

We have had so many people come back to us to say,  

"We wish we had listened to you! We didn't have enough money to finish our house the way we wanted and spent more than we had to because we never built before! Had we only known!"

Or most often,

"We thought that once we had the Roof on we were more than 1/2 way through! Actually we were only 1/3 of the way to completion and the rest of our project cost much more than we had intended to spend! We wound up having to borrow more money to finish!"

Over 86% of Self Build projects go seriously over budget due to lack of experience and poor planning.


How can people who have never built before expect to learn all that is required to build properly while they are building?

We have the answer....

We offer a Complete Quantity Survey including the Interior Build Out to three different specifications. You will know at currrent building labour and material rates how much Each Phase of your house build will cost, right down to doors, mouldings, tiles, kitchen and baths and even landscaping.

We start with your Architects Plans after you have received Planning Permission and go over every aspect of the entire build, room by room, element by element. We employ a full time certified Quantity Surveyor as well as Architectural Interior Designer who will work with you to plan how best to get the most within your planned budget.

We use a State of the Art CAD program to "Design" every part of your house, costing as we go along. You will have a complete map of your build project to go by and specific 3D Views of important areas such as your Kitchen, Bath and Sitting Room so you will know what these rooms will look like when finished, what materials are to be used and how much it will cost.

If this Managed Self Build program interests you , please contact us so we may explain how this service can cost you NOTHING!

The best way to start is scheduling a Designer for a Day meeting with Mark Feely.

Please call Mark on 087 245 22 85 to learn more