About Us

CarpentryWorks.ie offer a complete range of Design & Building Services working to provide our customers with Top Quality Service at Affordable Costs .We are the leadin roofing carpenter in the midland

Our Motto, "Quality Craftsmanship Guaranteed" , is where we start. Every job is ours before it's yours. We work every day to our high standards and don't cut corners. Square is Square, and Level is Level, not "That'll Do, I guess."

Since we often do so much on our projects from, as we say, "The Roof to the Floor and all Points in between", we are the guys who have to pay if things aren't done properly! We will look after the details making sure that things are installed properly. We don't want to lay tile onto poorly laid and out of level sub floors, so we make sure that the sub flooring is right.We are Quality Minded Professional Carpenters and Tradesmen.