Restoration & Renovation

Whether Restoring a Georgian period house or Renovating your bungalow, the process is less straight forward than is a new build.

Roger Mac Arthur of has many years experience in Ireland as well as in America, and the Carribbean Islands in all types of Historic and Period Restorations. He can work on every type of project, no matter how budget minded as well, from simple extensions to complete renovations.

Even smaller projects need to be organised in order to make sure you get what you want for the money you wish to spend. A few hours with Roger can get the project going, creating a map of how to proceed, what methods and materials are to be used, who's involved and what the budget is.

A survey of existing conditions is often necessary for larger projects, including creating a plan of the house and detailed image library. This gives everyone a place to start, exact dimensions, surface areas and other important details allowing accurate estimating and project management.

Roger is able to design, cost and manage all aspects of your project as well as to create and work within a prescribed budget. Please contact him at for more information and help with your restoration project.