Architectural and Interior Design

Most think that once you have your planning drawings and have received permission, the design aspect of your project is finished....

Actually, it has just begun! The function of the house, or who is living in it and how they live, is where the design process begins. The architect or designer who created the plans most times is not concerned with, for instance, the furniture plan, but wouldn't that be a consideration for the electrical and lighting design?

In order to know exactly what your project will cost and what materials may be used, it is necessary to think through the entire build literally from the ground up. Waiting until the project is almost completed to consider important elements such as lighting and electrical design, plumbing layout and finish floor transitions is a mistake many make...and wished thay hadn't!

A properly designed project needn't cost the Sun and Moon, in fact Roger's Designer For A Day program can cover many of these important topics and provide you with an map of your entire project. He employs a state-of-the-art CAD rendering system which can provide photo realistic renderings of what your house will look like when completed, as well as good old common sense base on 25 years in the business. Why not contact him to learn more at